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Web Design Southampton

Web Design Southampton

Web Design Southampton based digital agency, getJuicy. Servicing clients in Hamshpire and Dorset.

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web design southampton

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Web Design Southampton

getJuicy is a design and development agency servicing clients throughout the south, including web design in Southampton. Our team is very experienced at delivering high quality and affordable websites to help small to medium sized businesses drive sales online. We can help your team create your online presence from scratch or optimise and improve your existing website and marketing. We offer a no obligation, free consultation and quote so get in touch today to see how we can help.

There is far more that goes into designing a website than just creating a few images for your website. A high-quality design will entice customers and improve sales. Below, we have listed the different aspects of web design that are involved in creating your website.


Every website has a purpose and the design should reflect that. A plumber in Southampton for example, will want their website to display the services offered and encourage the customer to contact them with required work. Our team of web designers work with you to understand the focus of your website and create a clear layout to optimise conversions.


Arguably, the visuals are the most crucial part of your website design. Visuals includes the layout used on the site along with graphical images and design. The visuals of the web design help to portray branding and entices customers to stay on your site. A website would look very mundane without a quality visual element and your company would likely lose the business of customers from Southampton who visit.


The content you offer is the reason customers opt to visit your website. This can include anything from products you sell, services you provide or advice you offer. Through your design, your content should be well presented and organised to optimise ease of access for your visitors. A poorly designed site will fail to present the content and cause customers to look elsewhere, potentially your competitors.


Implementing the right technology and code to power your website will have a significant effect on how your website displays to customers. A well designed and built site will load quickly, be optimised across all devices and platforms and encourage the customer to scroll through your content. Pages that are slow to load, or images the fail to adjust size to the device will often result in the customer navigating away from your website, meaning a potentially lost sale. We also optimise the site for SEO purposes so your business can be picked up by search engines and shown to more customers.

If you are a business in the Bournemouth or Southampton areas and looking for website or online marketing help, get in touch today. We will reply to all emails within 24 hours. All our work is customised to your requirements and so we will speak with you about your project before offering a quote.