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Web Design Dorset

Web Design Dorset

Web Design Dorset services offered by getJuicy. A digital agency focused on website builds, applications and online marketing.

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web design dorset

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getJuicy Web Design

We are passionate about web design Dorset services and creating beautiful looking websites. We follow a thorough process when delivering projects for clients in Dorset and Hampshire. Firstly, we get to know our client’s business and what they want to achieve. We then research what currently works in the market and how competitors represent themselves. Using this information, we’ll deliver a proposal for the project, which we can review together. We will then begin the work and testing to deliver your project on time.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and quote to all Dorset and Hampshire companies who contacts us. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

How we design sites

Web design involves creating visually pleasing elements and organising these around a specific focus or function. It involves many of the same elements included in other design realms, such as:

Fonts – You should use a font that is ‘web-safe’ (readable by all internet browsers) and aligned with your brand identity.

Colour – The choice of colours used on your website will need to match any existing branding you have. Other colours will be integrated to the design based on the demographic of the user you want to attract and the specific purpose of the website. For example, studies show an orange call to action button will receive more clicks than a white one.

Content – The written text on your website should coexist with the design to clearly portray your Dorset business message. You do not want to overload the user with content, rather keep it relevant and to the point. If a user struggles to read your content they are more inclined to navigate away from your website. The correct placement of written text within the website design will also help improve conversion rates.

Graphics – Graphics can include logos, images and icons used throughout your site. They need used appropriately and in line with the layout. Graphics should complement the existing colours of the design. They should not be overloaded on to a webpage and need to load quickly so not to detriment the performance of the website.

Focus on end user

Our team of  will create your website with focus on the end user. A visually appealing website won’t add value to your business if it is not user-friendly and frustrates visitors. We therefore also consider the following factors when creating your website:

Compatibility – Your site needs to perform well across all platforms and browsers. This means the layout and functionality of your website should work on all internet browsers, on pc and laptops, tablets and mobile devices. A responsive design users will help with this.

Structure – The user needs to be able to easily navigate around your site and identify what page they are on. A clean menu bar that is consistent across all pages will help here, along with carefully planning the site architecture before building.

Engagement – Including options on your website for the consumer to engage and interact with your company will increase conversions. This can be anything from an opinion poll to a contact form. A well-designed site will utilise the correct engagement tactics to increase use interactivity.

Other services we offer

A great looking website will not increase sales for your business unless it is seen by customers. Our team has vast experience with most aspects of online marketing, including:

  • Local search engine optimisation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Marketing collateral and creation

No matter whether you have a small on large marketing budget, seeing a return on investment is critical to growth. Our team will work with you to optimise your marketing strategy based on your clientele and business. Get in touch today to see how our web design Dorset services can help your company.