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Our Team

The getJuicy team has been designing and developing websites for clients in Bournemouth for a long time. We help small to medium sized companies build and improve on their online presence by offering quality services at an affordable price. Here are some of the services we can offer your business:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Marketing consulting
  • Audits and competitor research

We offer a no obligation, free consultation and quote to anyone who contacts us so why not get in touch. We will reply to all business enquiries on the same or next business day.

Website Design Bournemouth

Companies in Bournemouth use a website as an extension of their offline presence. A good website can help a business communicate with and drive new customers and improve sales. 75% of online visitors will make a snap decision on a brand based on the website, so a quality web design is critical to consumer engagement.

There is now ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to web design. The first stage of web design is to understand the scope of the website. Your site should be built with a specific reason in mind. Are you looking to encourage customers to purchase your products? Do you want customers to subscribe to your services? Do you want the customer to call your business? Knowing the result of a visit to your website will influence how information is presented to your customers within the web design.

Purpose influences layout

This leads us to the layout of the website. People are attracted to simple and clear websites that are easy to browse. Having defined the action wanted from a user (aka a conversion), we can structure your site around a user funnel that will lead to a higher probability of that conversion happening. There are design nuances involved here, and our team will always discuss the reasoning behind the layout when reviewing draft work with you.

Your website also needs to work across multiple devices. A customer may visit your site on a pc, laptop, tablet or mobile and each option offers a different screen size to contend with. A variation of your original layout will need to be thought through to ensure your content displays correctly whichever device a visitor is browsing from. Our web design Bournemouth services include responsive page builds to solve this problem for our clients.

Text is Key

The content on your website needs to be relevant and clear. A website that is structured well will allow the user to find the content they are looking for with ease, reducing the risk of user frustration that can result in customers leaving your site. The correct placement of the relevant messages and marketing will also have positive impact on conversions rate.

Here are other features that we consider:


  • Pages are fast to load
  • Site is consistent with existing brand identity and marketing.
  • Great use of imagery and graphical elements to break up large areas of text.


  • Background image should not interfere with text
  • Text should be big enough to read
  • Important information is clearly displayed


  • Links are underlined and clear


  • Buttons and menus are clear and easy to use
  • Menus are consistent throughout the website
  • It is clear to the customer what page they are visiting


  • Graphics are responsive to device
  • Graphics and animation load quickly
  • Graphics are not obtrusive to content

Our web design Bournemouth services extend to other areas, including Poole and Southampton so get in touch today for a free quote.

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