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Report and Analysis

We provide clients we custom reports tailored to their needs. We consolidate vast amounts of data into digestible pieces with commentary and suggestions to improve weakness identified through analysis. Contact us today to gain valuable insights into your online business.

An Example of GA Reporting

It is important to understand the conversion points of your website, and their respective values, to assess it’s. Ask yourself – Why do you want customers visiting your site? Should they be purchasing products, signing up to newsletters and/or subscribing to your services? And what revenue value does this action have for your business?

Once defined, implementing the correct measurements tools to record and review conversions is key. As a basic example, Google Analytics can provide valuable insight for your business. Here are some example reports you can generate for free.

Time of Day _ Day of Week Transaction Report

Time/Day Report

Understanding the time of the day and days of the week that a) generate the most users and b) delivers the most conversions can help optimise marketing campaigns. For example, boosting ad spend on certain days and scheduling email campaigns to improve click-through-rate.

Device Comparison

Comparing the device customers are using to view your website can provide interesting insights. You may discover a higher drop off rate on some devices, which could indicate the user journey requires optimisation. You may also decide to focus ad spend on devices yielding the best conversion rates, thus optimising your marketing budget.

Device Comparison Report
Organic Landing Page reprt

Organic Landing Pages

This report allows you to assess your top performing landing pages for organic traffic. It will help identify content that is performing well and pages that may require updates to improve overall sales.

Customer Acquisition

A fundamental report that highlights how customers are landing on the site and what marketing channels are contributing the most to overall revenue. It will provide an indication on the channels to push harder and the ones that require attention.

Customer Acquisition Report

Feel free to contact us about reporting and on-site optimisation for your business

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