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SonarScore Website and Platform

SonarScore Survey Platform

The Brief

SonarScore approached getJuicy to develop a custom survey platform. There were two parts to the project. The first was a customer-facing questionnaire. This questionnaire needed to be dynamic (modify questions presented to the user based on previous answers) and easily editable through the backend dashboard. The questionnaire could only be submitted once per customer, so functionality was required to monitor and restrict user activity.

The second part of the project was a back-end portal for clients of SonarScore. The portal needed a dashboard to present an analysis of survey answers in graphical format, a section to upload user data, the ability to auto email and text new users and a tab to review raw questionnaire data from users.

How we delivered the project

Our team spent time with SonarScore to completely understand their functionality requirements before conceptualising the workflow and presenting it for sign off. Then, we started with the questionnaire design, creating an elegant but simple form that converted well in user testing. Once complete, our attention turned to the portal and the backend data storage – where the brunt of the work was. We developed the platform in MEAN (mongo, express, angular and node), using Microsoft business analytics graphics to power the portal. This gave the end product a polished finished.

The end product was completed on time and within budget. SonarScore were very happy with the result and use our services ongoing to help with platform updates and website management.

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