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George Banco Blog

George Banco Blog

The excellent team over at George Banco approached us to work on the development of their new blog.

The blog had to be simple, streamlined, easy to read, promote the most recent content and above all engaging.

Here at getJuicy web design Bournemouth we were excited to take on this challenge, we’ve got excellent in skills in web UX design and ensuring web content looks great on phone and tablet. We, therefore, set about the task.

The first option was to assess the technology, as the blog was already running WordPress it made sense to leave the blog on WordPress and create a custom WordPress theme. Being WordPress expert in Bournemouth we had the skill set to create something truly great.

Another requirement was ensuring that the content was highly SEO friendly and moreover, the webmaster at GeorgeBanco could amend and change the content and SEO snippets whenever required. This is a common requirement and was thus easy to solve by using the well know industry SEO tools.

Like all sites also we had to embed social profiles, this was a common requirement we get for web design and website builds we embed a simple and elegant solution.

Overall we are proud of the finished product and George Banco has filled it with some truly excellent and engaging content.

Feel free to take a look GeorgeBanco

If you are look for website build in Bournemouth or WordPress developer in Bournemouth, then please feel free to get in touch.

George Banco Blog Design