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Trying to work out if we’re any good at what we do? Well look no further, take your time to scroll through our fabulous portfolio. We’re proud of all the work we do and we hope you like it too. We would show you all the work we’ve done for our fabulous clients, but you’d be here for ages, so we thought we’d just show you a couple.

Create Gift Love Website Development

Create gift love create unique and excellent items in Ringwood. All handcrafted with expert precision by the local team. It's only right then that they had an excellent, mobile responsive and unique website.

They contacted getJuicy with an idea, and needless to say we were more than happy to help them create their new website.

Built on the powerful Shopify platform, the final website is highly editable, customisable, modern and easy to navigate. It has custom created sections placed throughout ensuring create gift love stay in charge of their content and giving the customer all the information they need. Support for all device sizes is present to provide the same excellent experience no matter how you are viewing.

We focused heavily on UX, Navigation and a more fulfilling E-commerce experience, coupled with the beautiful imagery from create gift love. The final website is elegant, stylish and highly accessible.

Man Gun Bear Website Development

Man Gun Bear are stylish, modern, sexy and cool! So why should their website be any different?

Once more built on the powerful Shopify platform, Man Gun Bear adds that extra element of suave to E-commerce. With stunning visuals and brilliant design, the website feels like the quality of their products - High!

It was fun to build and even more fun working with the excellent team, the website is easy to modify via custom components and theme amendments we built, easy to navigate and ticks all the right boxes

CBD Shopy Website Development

CBDSHopy are the UK's leading independent online retailer of CBD products, their website is absolutely vital to their business and thus vital we did an excellent job

The site boasts hundreds of products, variable products, subscription products and much more. With over 10,000 words and thousands of visitors the site had to be useable, fast and of course responsive

The website was built on a CMS and empowered the CBD team to create content until their heart is content

Being a best in class e-commerce online store we are very proud of the work we have achieved with CBDShopy and are working with them to always look and improve it

Prices Fish and Chips Website Development

Prices fish and chips approached us with a bold idea. Already the best fish and chips in Ringwood and the local area, they wanted the best website experience also.

The website had to be clean, effective, work on all devices and most importantly connect customers with their food as easy as possible.

The website had to support collection, delivery and automatic order printing to the shop. Moreover, we had to support collection and delivery timeslots, online payments and a virtualised queuing system so you can track your order.

Using multiple technologies (Mongo, Node, Express, PHP, Sql and more+) plus building on the Woocommerce foundation we created a humble solution to ordering your fish and chips online.

Prices can now be the best chip shop in Ringwood, with the best website and ordering solution. We were thrilled to implement this and to continue support Prices.

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