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Why is social media engagement important?

Date: Friday July 31st, 2020

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Why is social media engagement important?

Engagement is key. If you don’t have good engagement then social media platforms will penalise your content. They will assume that your profile is not posting content that interests it’s users and it won’t prioritise sharing your content, reducing the number of people who see your posts. Of course, there are other factors to social media sites algorithms that still confuse the experts, but it’s widely accepted that improving your engagement tactics is a great way to get your account seen.

It’s also a well-known fact that across social media platforms, there are many brands and influencers that buy followers to improve their brand image as it makes them look more popular. These bought followers come in at a variety of price points and sadly, many brands/ new influencers make the mistake of purchasing cheap followers. These cheap followers are usually detected by the social media platforms and removed, meaning numbers of quickly go down after your purchase, they’re obviously fake and the worst of it is THEY DON’T ENGAGE.

Fake Followers?

If the concept of buying followers is new to you, don’t worry it’s quite easy to spot once you know how and it is a great thing to look out for if you're considering doing collaborations with influencers. After all, the whole point of collaborating is to get more followers or to reach more potential customers and if all of their followers are fake it’s not going to help you out much.

Like we said, fake accounts are obviously fake.

Fake Accounts

If an account doesn't have a profile picture you can almost be certain that it’s a fake account. It doesn't take much to look at an account following list and quickly see lots of blank little profile pictures. But if you’re still not convinced, have a look at the account's engagement in comparison to their followers. If an account has over 10,000+ followers but only get 50 likes per post, then they’ve probably bought followers. And if you’re looking for an influencer to work with that engagement level is NOT good.

But fake followers look good

At a very quick glance, yes fake followers look great and it may help you gain authority on social media over other competing brands. But if you’re going to invest in fake followers do it wisely.

You can purchase premium fake followers who interact with your posts and bring up your engagement, which won’t harm your reputation or your social position. These will make your account look good and will give you quick results.

But those fake accounts will never convert into actual sales. So although it might be tempting to increase your followers to a couple of thousand followers really quickly, in the long run, it probably won’t work in your favour.

Remember, think long term with your digital strategy, what are the best moves to make now to put you in a better position 3 months down the line, not just 3 days.

So how do I grow followers without buying them?

Yep, you guessed it, engagement.

You have to work to increase your following and the engagement on your social media posts, it’s not just going to increase itself. It involves you consistently engaging with your audience and the accounts you dream of collaborating with.

Engagement is a two-way street, you won’t get engagement from your followers if you don’t engage with them. A good social media strategy is an incredible tool to have, you can open up a real-time two-way dialogue with your customers to engage with them and get them talking. Once you start to create relationships with your audience, you don't just get their interest but you grow their loyalty. A tool that is not utilised enough by small and large businesses!

Remember, your followers are your advocates, they are the people doing FREE word of mouth promotions for you. There is nothing more valuable to any brand than committed brand advocates spreading positive reviews and recommendations for your products.

You need to like and comment on other accounts posts, get your account seen, get your account heard. Talk to your customers, show them some gratitude and make them feel valued. Be proactive in reaching your target audience not reactive when a competing brand has their interest.

What you can do right NOW

If you’re serious about improving your social media following over the next week do these 5 things every day for a week and see what happens:

  1. Pick 5 main competing or dream accounts and turn push notifications on.
  2. Every time they post, like the post and comment. Make this comment engaging, ask a question or say something they will want to reply to. Spark a conversation with them.
  3. On your posts, make the caption a question, encourage your followers to comment on your posts.
  4. If people leave comments on yourposts, answer with a question. Again, spark up a conversation!
  5. Be consistent. Take time out of your day to make valuable interactions with these accounts. Think of each interaction as an opportunity to generate a new lead or get seen by a potential new customer.

Now we know this is all time consuming, but trust us it’s a worthwhile investment. If it is something you don’t feel confident enough doing yourself, get in touch with our team today and we can discuss how we can help you achieve your social media goals.

Author: Emma

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