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Killed by Google

Date: Friday March 6th, 2020


Google make a lot of things, some good, some ahead of their time, some terrible and some meh. As developers the one thing to look out for is support when building applications. For example, using Angular you want to be sure Google and the open source community support it, the same is true of Facebook and React.

As a native app developer in the past I loved Fabric, Crashalytics and Fastlane. It made my app development experience more enjoyable than a lot of things I’ve worked on. Fabric and Fastlane were brilliant.

Now Google bought and incorporated Fabric into Firebase, they are now deprecating Fabric and forcing users down the Firebase path.

Inherently there is nothing wrong with this aside from the decision was removed from us. I am now using Firebase without deciding to use it. It’s still a great system and better than most competitors, but when I log in, something still annoys me that Firebase chose me, and I didn’t choose it. It’s like I don’t trust it and yet rely on it.

A lot of people have been in this position and not just developers, all manner of people has been impacted by Googles ever expanding application development and graveyard.

Credit to Google

Give them credit where it’s due, a lot of the reason for deprecation is the functionality has been included in another app, it’s no longer relevant on the market or it was just downright poor. As a self-respecting developer (I think) I can’t honestly expect Google to support every application it has built. I mean I don’t even hold myself to these standards.

Plan for the future

My main tip is to be careful of the technology choices you make and do your due diligence, for example don’t start using AngularJS when it’s being killed June 2021. Use Angular 8/9 (latest) or React or Vue.js.

Likewise, don’t build an eco-system on app maker, cloud print or start incorporating hangouts into your dev workflow as they are all on the chopping block! Do your research and you’ll be fine! (Well in Tech, I can’t say if your personal life will be fine 😊 )

Here is the full list of apps and services being killed by Google, check on it once in a while.

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