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How brands have responded to Covid-19

Date: Friday June 12th, 2020

Pret A Manger

Our first and maybe most surprising brand is Pret A Manger. How could they have done well during lockdown if they can’t have stores open I hear you ask.

Well, Pret have adapted in many ways. They made their coffee available to purchase through Amazon, allowing customers to access Pret style coffee even when they couldn’t get to their stores. As expected from a conscious brand, they gave back by offering 50% off for NHS workers at the beginning of the pandemic. And now, in certain cities, you’re able to purchase Pret products through Uber eats with free delivery. But these aren’t the best bits in our opinion. Pret adapted their communications and social media strategies allowing them to connect with their audience in a more relevant and engaging way. Offering a recipe for their cookies may not seem like the most inventive thing to offer customers, but in our opinion, simplicity is best. Remember when there was no flour in sight? Yeah, well clearly Pret did too. Offering consumers their recipe for one of their most popular selling bakery items allows customers to once again access Pret products while unable to get into stores. But it also gives everyone SOMETHING ELSE to bake.

pret picture
pret picture 2


You may or may not have heard of Brewdog, but they're pretty big in London and they’re another brand who have smashed lockdown.

brewdog handsanitiser

Brewdog has a very strong high street presence, so you would expect not having a shop fronts open would impact them hugely. Well not when you get creative! When the customers can’t come to you, you go to the customers. Brewdog have started offering home deliveries for their beers, allowing lucky Londoners to get their home brewed beers and ales delivered to their door. Sometimes as quickly as 45 minutes! As well as home deliveries Brewdog have been very busy producing hand sanitizers from excess alcohol waste, donating over 200,000 of them to the NHS. I mean how can anyone not like a brewery that delivers to your door and helps the NHS?!


Innocent is one of our top brands, their communications strategy is top notch and they definitely have not let us down during lockdown.

innocent instagram social

Innocent may not be in the situation where they can offer home delivery, or help our key workers by making hand sanitizers. But they are able to brighten up our day with some good old fashioned fun! Across their social media platforms they have been producing fun little activities to keep everyone relatively sane, such as crosswords. But they’ve also opened up a chatline, aimed at people who have had to isolate on their own, on furlough and just generally really bored. Which we think is pretty damn cool!


Everyone loves a bit of Guinness and they’re pretty well known for their great marketing campaigns and this year they did not disappoint.

guinness st.patricks day

You would expect St.Patrick's day during a pandemic to be pretty diabolical for Ireland's national beer. However, they proved to us once again why they are one of our favourite brands. Instead of being quiet and ignoring it ever happened, Guinness brought people together by sending out a caring message encouraging everyone to look after one another and stay safe. A feeling of togetherness we all needed.

Sandy’s Piano Bar

sandy's piano bar

Now we don’t expect you to have heard of these guys. But they are a medium sized business on our radar that we believe deserves some love for how they’ve dealt with lockdown. Sandy’s has a piano bar in both Oxford and London, if you’re ever in either of those cities, GO. These bars are full of fun, live music, style and incredibly good drinks, personally my favourite bars in the UK. Anyway, lockdown for a bar is once again something that is pretty, well, rubbish. But instead of twiddling his thumbs at home, founder George, has started a wine podcast with his wine merchant father.

These podcasts are highly informative and a must listen in my opinion. I know nothing about wine but I’ve found these incredibly interesting and according to their socials so has everyone else! If you want to check them out yourself search them on instagram @sandyspianobar or their dedicated podcast page @chattingwine

These brands have all shown us that innovation is key. Never let your brand's creativity die, as your best communications and work will always come out of a little sprinkle of innovation. What have your favorite brands been doing during lockdown? Have been impressed with how they have dealt with the pandemic. Let us know your thoughts.

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