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Talk to us about Google Adwords and PPC

Google is the worlds largest company for PPC, this is primalrily due to the google serach engine being dominant on the web. Google allow you to manage your PPC campaigns via google adwords.

Adwords, whilst being an excellent piece of technology also has a steep learning curve. If done incorrectly, you can lose a lot of money on keywords not relevant, a high volume of clicks but coming from the wrong demographic so conversion suffers and so on.

Most people hire an expert agency to help manage thier google adwords. You provide the budget and the goal, then sit back and we'll do the rest. getJuicy have a succesfull history with adwords. We have managed high profitbale campaigns in the consumer electroincs arena, FMCG market and more.

Speak to us today to discuss your adwords campaigns and how we might be able to help you