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Viva payments native checkout woocommerce plugin

Woocommerce viva payments native checkout plugin

Here at getJuicy we have developed a native checkout plugin for woocommerce using viva payments. This means you take the payment directly on your site without any pop-up or redirection which will have a direct impact to your successful conversions.

The plugin is built with full options in the backend so you can change between test and live credentials, or turn it on and off.

The plugin tokenises a users card so you won’t have to worry about PCI DSS as all confidential information is on viva servers.

Once a payment is complete the order in woocommerce is set to processing. You can then see the order in your viva admin with a description of the woocommerce order number.

The plugin is built with PHP and javascript.

Please contact to purchase the plugin or pay for our set up service.

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