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Lemonstand closing – Help with migrating your website

Lemonstand is closing - We can help migrate your website

Lemonstand announced today without warning that they will be shutting Lemonstand down on the 5th June. Here at getJuicy we are on hand to support your Lemonstand migration to another E-commerce platform

You can see their full release here ->

This has left many people struggling to migrate their website. Whilst being one of the better E-commerce solutions on the market lemonstand never did have an easy migration path.

When thinking about migration there are a few things to take into consideration

  1. Which new system are you going to use
  2. Can you use it as a re-design/re-skin opportunity
  3. Can you use it as an opportunity to streamline your website/catalogue? Highlight the high performing products, remove the low margin products etc
  4. Who is going to do this work and are they lined up to complete migration by the 5th June.
  5. How will this impact your SEO
  6. How will this impact your current working practices, i.e orders, delivery, fulfilment

Tackling them one at a time

New E-commerce system?

For new system we see 2 clear winners, WooCommerce or Shopify 

Depending on your needs one will be better than the other. We would love to run you through the best option for your needs.

Can you use it to streamline/re-skin your e-commerce store?

That depends is your site out of date? Have you been wanting to redesign for a while. This could be your perfect opportunity to accomplish that.

Can you streamline your e-commerce catalogue?

It’s likely if you have a large store over the years you might have “dead” products. This could be a good time to remove them, re-organise inventory and categories and using analytics to help you keep pushing your highest margins, best sellers and more.

Who is going to complete your lemonstand migration?

Simply put you need to be migrated by the 5th June. Here at getJuicy we can support your migration before that date. Please contact us now to secure our services

Will it impact your SEO?

Essentially yes it will, but depending on how quick yo can move hopefully this will be of minimal impact

Change of working practices after lemonstand migration?

You and your team will just need to get used to using the new back-end system, fulfilling orders, processing etc. However this shouldn’t take more than a few days to get you back up and running again

We would love to discuss further with you regarding your lemon stand migration. Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch

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