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Web Development – Price’s Fish and Chips

Online Ordering for Price's Fish and Chips

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Web Development


Price’s Fish & Chips


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Online Ordering Website

Price’s Fish and Chips of Ringwood wanted to update their website and online presence to coincide with the re-launch of their shop.

We were tasked with delivering an improved web design and content management system with an online ordering platform that would communicate with the shop tills.

After we had discussed the budget and project specifics with the client, we decided WordPress and WooCommerce were the best options for creating a clean and stable online shop/CMS. We improved the standard WooCommerce ordering platform by implementing a ‘time to order’ function. As the shop is only open during specific hours, the client didn’t want to give customers the option to order whilst the shop is shut. This was custom built into the backend, so customers can only complete an order during opening hours. A secure payment gateway was also integrated to allow the client to collect payment.

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Order Status and SMS Notification

The challenge came when trying to get the WooCommerce shop to communicate with the shop tills. This was because the tills run on a separate operating system, with no easy API integration to enable order to be easily printed within the shop. We created a proprietary code base to resolve this. Once an order is made online, the order details are automatically printed within the shop for the kitchen the complete.

To improve the solution for Price’s Fish and Chips, we delivered a live ‘Order Status’ function for the website, allowing customers to see when they’re food has been prepared. The status of the order is updated by the kitchen team, using a simple drag and drop module that was custom built for the CMS. The order status also has an SMS add-on. This add-on sends the customer a text message once the order is ready.

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