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Ecommerce Bournemouth Ideas At Work

Ecommerce Bournemouth and Dorset Ideas At Work

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Ideas At Work





Ideas at work needed a robust Ecommerce solution, capable of handling thousands of products to truly take their catalogue digital

LemonStand is the best eCommerce Software Platform for online retailers who want to grow their online business. It is able to handle thousands of products and orders without fail or any slow in speed or processing.

It was the perfect fit for the brief from Ideas At Work

IAW Logo

The Brief?


Not only did Ideas At Work have to be robust, it had to be clean, simple, low cost and effective.

We went for a truly minimalist design, no fuss. It got to the point quickly and promote the products effectively.

The website was lean and clean, but best of all it was effective.

The user interface is simple and intuitive , the website speed is good and the checkout process is easy and fluid.

Not only that but the site is responsive to all devices so it looks good from desktops or mobiles on the move

IAW homepage web design

PayPal Checkout Integration

Ideas at work, like many of our Ecommerce clients in the Bournemouth and Dorset area wanted PayPal integration into the checkout process. This way people could purchase via PayPal or alternatively on their card processed by PayPal.

We helped Ideas At Work set up their merchant PayPal and integrated with woo commerce. A few test transactions later via the sandbox and we have a fully functioning checkout process.

Now it was just time to get some sales. I’m pleased to say, many sales have gone through now without any issues.


Ideas At Work Pictures

Link: Ideas At Work

IAW homepage web design
IAW shop page website development
IAW Contact US web design example